Priority of Packing

Priority of Packing

Packing Priority Checklist

Prioritise your packing before you seal your boxes and you’ll reap the rewards when moving and unpacking at the other end.

Pack with Principle

Start with out-of-season items or things you don’t need right away. Next, pack things used infrequently. Leave until last the things you’ll need until moving day and on once you have moved – basic principle: Don’t pack the tea bags!

Empty drawers of fragile items, any liquids and anything that would puncture or damage other items during your move. However, blankets, jumpers, lingerie, bath towels and similar soft, lightweight goods may be left in drawers.

Pack similar items together. For example, do not pack a delicate china figurine in the same carton with cast-iron frying pans or anything heavy. Please remember anything you pack yourself, we can’t be held liable if it breaks due to poor packing, so its important to get it right. Always ask us questions if you need support, we are here to help.

Keep all parts or pairs of things together. For example, curtain rod hangers, mirror bolts and other small hardware items should be placed in plastic bags or small plastic containers and taped or tied securely to the article to which they belong.

Wind electrical cords, fastening them so they do not dangle, there is nothing more painful than a plug smashing you in the shin.

Wrap items individually in clean paper; use tissue paper, paper towels or even facial tissue for fine china, crystal and delicate items. Use a double layer of newspaper for a good outer wrapping, but not close to items or which it could stain. If you require packing paper, we can also provide this to you in advance of your packing.

Place a two- or three-inch layer of crushed paper in the bottom of a carton for cushioning, us professional packers call this layer ‘scrunch’ for obvious reasons. Build up in layers, with heaviest things on the bottom, medium weight next and lightest on top. Think of it like layering a trifle.

As each layer is completed, fill in empty spaces firmly with crushed paper. It is also a good idea to add more crushed paper to make a level base for the next layer or use sheets or cardboard cut from cartons as dividers.

Cushion well with crushed paper; towels and lightweight blankets also may be used for padding and cushioning, even socks can help. The more fragile the item, the more cushioning needed. Be certain that no sharp points, edges or rims are left uncovered.

Pack small, fragile, individually wrapped items separately or a few together in small boxes, cushioning with crushed or shredded paper. Place small boxes in a single large box, filling in spaces with crushed paper. Paper is the key component.

Avoid overloading cartons, but strive for a firm pack that will prevent items from shifting during handling or transit. The cover should close easily without force, but should not bend inward.

Seal cartons tightly with tape except for those containing items hat you have listed on your Insurance Declaration Form. These must be left open for the crews inspection. If we haven’t signed to say that we have inspected and viewed these items, this could invalidate any potential or future insurance claim.

As you finish with each carton, list the contents on the side of the carton (for easy viewing while cartons are stacked) and also clearly write the room that the box needs to be placed in at the destination address. You might want to number and/or code the cartons as well, especially if the carton contains items listed on your Insurance Declaration Form.

Another useful tip is to tape a sign on the door of each room at destination corresponding to the carton labels so our crew can get the cartons into the proper rooms quickly and without having to ask you too many questions.

Put a special mark on cartons you want to unpack first at destination, especially kitchen items that you may need immediate access to.

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