A tidy home equals a tidy mind

When you’re moving home, resist the urge to move everything. The more you take with you, the longer it will take to pack and unpack. Plus you’ll have to pay more to move it all. As part of your moving plan, factor in time to clear out your home room by room. Be ruthless and get rid of anything you don’t need, don’t like or don’t wear.


Begin by clearing out every cupboard in your house and then move on to the loft or cellar, if you have one. Sell unused items online and give other unwanted belongings away to charity. If you have a lot of junk or pieces of furniture, most charities will send a van to collect them, free of charge,.

Old mobile phones

How many of us have a load of old mobile phones stashed away in a drawer? Don’t just chuck them. There is a host of companies who are willing to buy them for recycling and you could make some much-needed cash.

Unwanted electrical goods

And what about those curling tongs you never use, broken alarm clocks or the teas maid you were given for your wedding but has never been outside of its box? Now is the time to get rid. It might seem easier to throw them in the bin, but don’t. They need to be recycled properly. Contact your local recycling centre or a specialist recycling centre. Alternatively, your local council may have a collection service and some charities accept working electrical items, but call ahead to find out and check for any charges.

Return to sender

Books are heavy so make sure that you return any you have on loan to the library. And return any DVD or videos you’ve rented out.

Similarly, if you’ve borrowed any items from friends, family or neighbours, give them back before moving day.

Probably the best move You'll ever make...

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